Spaceport Departure Board (Links)

Links to useful writing resources

Forward Motion Probably the best writing community in cyberspace.

Jason Hinson Physics and Star Trek. The maths behind FTL travel and a really understandable explanation of relativity.

Ralan Guide to F&SF markets.

Reading Writers A group of wonderful people who critique everything I write. They have biscuits as well. (For overseas readers Reading is a town in Berkshire pronounced “Redding”, it should not be confused with the act of reading without the capital R.)

Links to other people

Paul Drummond The cover artist. Totally amazing.

Holly Lisle Without her I’d never have got started as a writer.

Amy Shira Teitel – Vintage Space Lots of fascinating stuff about real spaceships, mainly Apollo

Links to free software

Fedora The Linux distro I use for everything

Ubuntu The Linux distro a lot of my friends use

Personal Links

St John’s Cambridge Where I spent the best three years of my life

Links to some of my other SF

The Last Word Why time travel usually doesn’t let you change history

Harnessing the Branedeer Ever wondered how Santa’s reindeer fly? All it takes is a little quantum mechanics.

Tales from the Future Where we might be going in the next few decades