How it all began

It was a warm summer night in the middle of the 1970s. The moon landings were a recent memory.

I had been reading a textbook on astronomy, which described the star Arcturus as having a “lovely orange-red colour” under magnification. I borrowed my father’s binoculars and stood in the back garden. It took me a few seconds to get the star centred then I was suddenly entranced by the auburn glow.

In cosmic terms Arcturus is very close, almost in the next street. I found myself thinking “that would look glorious from close up”. Then I realised that there was almost no chance of anyone building a spaceship that could get there in my lifetime.

I almost cried. But then I realised that there was just one way I could travel the galaxy.

I gave my father’s binoculars back and borrowed his typewriter. And that’s how I took up science fiction.

Welcome to the world of my Science Fiction


I have been writing about the early twenty-ninth century and its fascinating inhabitants for almost forty years. Thanks to the wonders of electronic publication I am now sharing some of the stories online.

The novels, Run from the Stars and Turn to the Stars, are now available on Amazon Kindle and in a print edition on Createspace.

On this website I will be blogging about the books, the background to the stories, how they came to be written and how some of the future technology works. But please don’t expect me to tell you how to make a faster than light drive. That’s a major secret.

There’s a great and wonderful galaxy out there. Lieutenant Jane Gould of the Arcturian Confederate Space Fleet (in the picture) is ready to take you on the ride of your life. So sit well back in your seat, fasten the harness and try to relax for those engines can kick.