The Day Cabin

I have not included the day cabin furniture in the drawing of the eighty-footer. This is because it can be changed for the various roles that the spaceship can fulfill.

Normally there are two airline-type seats facing forward at the rear of the cabin, and a two-seater couch facing backwards. The day cabin can be used as a meeting room with four people sitting facing each other. It can also be reconfigured quickly into an ambulance mode. The two sides of the couch fold down making a single long table for the casualty, while the person looking after them sits in one of the seats facing them.

When single-crewed and in ambulance configuration the officer will hand over the actual flying to the ship’s computers and autopilot, and concentrate on the casualty.

There is also a multi-bunk configuration, where up to eight marines can live in the day cabin at once, and a diplomatic configuration where the officer crewing the ship moves into the day cabin, turning the bed cabin over to a VIP. These are rarely used.