Homeworld Day

Strictly this was last Wednesday, but due to the confusion over calendars on five hundred plus planets with different lengths of both day and year it’s probably easier for readers on earth to celebrate it on next Wednesday, 9th March.

Homeworld day celebrates the moment when the settlers on Homeworld, the ancestors of the present Arcturians, came to the end of the supplies that they had brought from Earth on the starship Hope. Genevieve Powell – the Powell after whom the Powell vector is named – opened the last tin of condensed milk and used it to make tea for the people working in one of the farming domes, then went on to put milk from an Arcturian cow into her own tea.

Lise Schmitt, the mathematician who had worked with Powell on developing the drives, operated the camera which captured the moment from posterity.

So, on Wednesday, offer someone a cup of tea with the words “We are now free”. If offered one reply “Truly free.” That’s how Homeworld day is celebrated.


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