This is where we are now.

Run from the Stars (book one of two) is available in electronic editions on Amazon, Kindle and Nook.

The proof of the print edition of Run from the Stars is on its way to me, probably sitting in a mailbag at Heathrow by now. If it arrives in time I plan to release the print edition on Thursday 21st May. Incidentally (subject to the usual confusion about dates) this is Jane’s birthday.

The proofs of the electronic edition of Turn to the Stars (book two of two, which concludes this story) are on my Kindle now, and I’ll be checking them over the weekend.

The artist has just sent me the first rough of the TttS cover and it’s totally gorgeous.

There’s no publication date yet for TttS but I’m trying to get it out this month, technical problems and the day job willing.


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